Criminal Lawyers
Hire yourself a good
consigliere and beat the
RICO statutes. If that
donít work, thereís
always jury tampering.
Teamsters Union
See how your
union is
working for you!

Mob Nickname Generator
If you're gonna be a player, you're
gonna need a nickname. This handly
little tool will help you select one.

"Sammy the Bull" FBI Debriefings

Actual FBI documents of Sammy
Gravano confessing to battery,
extortion and murder. No Bull!

Sports Gambling

Results, odds and wagering for
the degenerate gambler in you.

Off Track Betting
Place your
bets on
the ponies.

Prostitution & Escort Services
Grab yourself a piece of ass, then throw her a beating when she
mouths off. Then make up by giving her some fenced jewelry.

Sex sells on the Net. In fact, itís the only thing that
sells on the Net. A very profitable business to infiltrate.

The Media
NY Daily News columnist
Jerry Capeci reports on
your fellow goombahs.
NY Inmate Lookup
Search for a fellow goombah
locked up in the can.

Funeral Homes
When you gotta whack someone, you gotta whack
someone, even if heís friend or family. Itís just business, baby. No hard feelings. It donít mean you canít pay your last respects.
Chop Shops
Because the sum of a carís parts are worth more than the car itself. But you already knew that.

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