The Anarchist Cookbook
When the boss gives you the order, you better know how to pull off the job. Learn the ins-and-outs of car bombing, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, lock picking and shitloads of other job-related responsibilities.
Map of Secaucus New Jersey
Find a remote spot to bury a stiff. (Note: Giants Stadium north endzone already taken).

Mobspeak Glossary
Learn to
talk the

Up-to-the-minute dirt from around the Interwebs.

The Wiretap Network
Learn to speak in code while listening in on the raucous conversations of Frank and Fritzy, two real-life hoodlums secretly recorded by the FBI.
JFK Airport
You’ll be like a kid in a candy store at JFK, where the opportunity for cargo heists and truck hijackings are un-fuckin’ believable.

Fulton Fish Market
Get in on the action before NYC turns this place legit.
Join the Federal Witness Protection Program and conveniently disappear. North Dakota – you’ll learn to love it. While you’re at the site, see if you made it to the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list.

Italian Recipes

Tour of Little Italy

Learn your way
around the neighborhood.
Sopranos Tour
Pay a visit to over 40 Sopranos hangouts including the Bada Bing, Satriales pork store, Pizzaland and more. Tour operator not responsible should you mysteriously dissapear.

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