A gangster favorite for generations.
Plenty of trunk room for a body or two.

Pinkie Rings

The quintessential accessory for
fashionable mobsters everywhere.

Firearms & Ammunition
Pistols, revolvers, machine
guns, bullets and other
tools of the trade.


You ever want to cut somebody into little pieces and stuff ‘em into a 55 gallon drum...but stubborn body parts just won’t come off? Maybe you need a sharper blade.

How organized crime keeps their
crime organized. File folders, account
ledgers, paper clips and more.
Mob Hits
The underworld's top 22 tunes.
Make them the soundtrack of your life.

Mob Books

How wiseguys get wise. A special selection
of the textbooks of your trade.

Wiseguy Wear
You’re the man.
Now dress like it,
dapper don.

Credit Cards

Order yourself some credit cards under an assumed identity. By the time these mopes catch on, you’ll already have an entire electronics store running out of the back of your truck.

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